Cake Decorating Helps

                                 ..Picture Transfer..
Cover any picture with wax paper, secure edges so they don't pull up. Trace the outline with buttercream that's been thinned with white corn syrup, with tip no. 1. Carefully lift and invert the paper onto your smooth , dry iced sheet cake. Gently press the icing to cake. Remove wax paper and you should have your design, ready to be traced with black icing, tip 2 or larger. You can then fill in with stars or lines of icing in colors you desire.

Click here for picture examples. EXAMPLES!

                                     **Smoothing Sheet Cakes**

I found using a painters long blue handled edger works well in smoothing sheet cakes. Working from side to side then doing the long edges last. It's better than using a hot spatula.

                                 --- Wedding Cake Servings---
Round Tiers:

7"-16 --- 8"-24 --- 10"-45 --- 12"-58 --14"-80 --- 16"-108 --- 18"-138
Square Tiers:
8"-32 --- 10"-50 --- 12"-72 ---14"-100 --- 16"-128 20"-200[4- 10" Squares] --- 24"-288[4-12" Squares]
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