Hard To Go Alone

Have you ever heard the geese honking? Seen them flying in the V formation? They are heading to either their summer or winter home. The whole flock gains a greater flying range then if they journeyed alone. That's why the leader of the V formation falls back periodically to let another leader take the point and why the rest stay in line.

The truth is obvious. It's harder to go it alone. Christians who link their lives together do make an impact on the world. Jesus called no one to be a loner. We rise or fall, succeed or fail together.

It is rough to be a leader. Even in a flock of geese, leadership is a shared responsibility. Every disciple, at one time or another, is called to take the point. You have a gift, a talent and a service that is vital to the formation and flight pattern of your church. Use it!

When the geese honk, they are calling one lagging behind to catch up. Do you hear the honking? It's a signal to catch up.

"Come fly with us. The view is great, our flock is fabulous, the journey is uplifting and the destination is out of this world"

A pastor from a church in Jackson, Tennessee, wrote this editorial
but it is appropriate for members of any church.

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