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Hi, I'm Dawn Reber, hope you enjoy your visit and I'm glad you would like to hear about me. Well, I live in Minersville, PA., I'm married for 47 wonderful years to my big Al. We have 2 children, Lynn ( passed away, 6/14/09 ) and Allen Jr. and 2 grandkids, Cassandra and Joseph.
I'm a Christian and love to sing and belong to my church's choir. I found through Jesus "All" things are possible. He is my Rock and Salvation, apart from Him I can and am nothing. He keeps me singing when there is no reason to . There's a song He alone can put in your heart.
It's only when we turn our backs on Him do we find despair and heartache. I love Him with all my heart and pray I can only hold up in this frail human body, till He returns. Till then, I'll just keep praising Him for all His goodness and mercy..
About my cake decorating, I have been baking and decorating cake's for over 20 years. I can't believe what I have accomplished all from word of mouth. I am retired from cake decorating now. But cake's aren't my only interest I also enjoy horse back riding. I used to show my mare in western pleasure. She's won many a first place. Having her for over 25 years, has been one of my joys in life. Since I was a small child I've always loved horses and now to have one, is a dream come true.
I use Photo Impact for all of my graphics. It is such a neat program. When I started using it to make my graphics, the program wasn't as well known as it is now. If you ever had a desire to create, you should try Ulead's Photo Impact.
Now I indulged in the purchase of a digital camera. I love it. A lot of my photographs are made into graphics for my web page using Photo Impact. The 2 together are a dynamic duo....

I hope you enjoy your visit and come by often, you're always welcomed here at Creations by Dawn.


Thank you Jan for this beautiful award!

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