Hi! Welcome to my horse’s page.

“Steel The Queen”


Hello my fellow horse lovers!
I've always loved horses for as long as I can remember. Just ask my family! My husband purchased my first horse when we first got married. Her name was Peggy. She was a thoroughbred mix and a handfull. She did teach me to ride at least to hang on.

After the children came I had her for awhile but then it proved to much and had to sell her. It broke my heart. When my children were grown I was able to purchase another horse. This one was a 4 year old, grey quarter horse. She was broke to ride but didn't know much else. With a lot of saddle hours and help in her training, she became an ideal horse. Well mannered and a pleasure to ride. That's when our show career started.

I rode western pleasure and every Sunday seemed we were heading to some show. Misty won many first place ribbons and trophies. She has such a nice head set, not to low just level like it aught to be. She is now 29 and our show days are over. But I have so many fond memories I would not part with. I keep her at home now and it’s wonderful to take care of her myself. .

My sweet grand daughter, Cassandra now 14, has taken an interest in my Misty. Pictured at 8 yr. old, sure looks like she's taken control too! What a sight seeing this lil tyke lead that big ole horse like a puppy dog, all over the place. Says something about the two of them. Joseph likes her too. We'll see as he gets older.

Please check back often I hope to update this page as much as possible. Till then pardners see ya at the barn and don't forget the carrots!

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