Making Text 3-D...

1. For this tutorial, you'll need a small texture background. You may use this one. It's 113 x 151

2. Have your background saved to your hard drive. In PI, open a new image. 450 x 100. Click on your text tool. Find a nice rounded font, slender ones work but don't have the same effect. I used "GilliesGotBol".
Depending on the font you choose, make it the size of 70, color don't matter and 2-d. Type in your words in the text box.

3. Right click over it, and duplicate. Duplicate 2 more times, till you have 4.

4. Activate the very top one, go to the attributes bar, and click on the material box. When the box opens, click on file. Your hard drive will open. Find your saved background tile and click on it, click ok.

5. Still on the material box, click on options.( Next to File)

6.Click tile to texture then ok.

7. Back on the material box, click ok. Your first layer letters now are filled with your texture.( don't get excited about the mess)

8. Activate the next layer of plain letters. On the attributes bar, right click over the color box and choose, eye dropper. When the box opens, pick a contrasting color from the textured letters, click ok. Do this with each layer, having the last layer the darkest.

9.If you don't like the color blend, right click over color box and click on Ulead Color Picker till you find the color you'd like. Click on each layer to change colors, making each one slightly darker than the one before it.

10. With the pick tool, start to align the letters. With the darkest to the lightest shade and the textured letters on top. Play till they are slightly ajar of each next layer. Till you have the effect you like.

11. Here it is on a black background.

12. Click on object, on the menu bar. Select All Objects. Right click over the activated letters, and group. Now would be a good time to go to, file, and save as a ufo that could be edited later.
Duplicate the image under edit, close the ufo. On the duplicate, fill the background with your favorite texture and save.

13. You can make a nifty matching bar too. Open a new image, 450 x 100. Click on the path tool, on attributes bar, click on shape and pick "rounded rectangle". Your pattern should still be in the color box, and pick 3-d.
Drag your curser to make a nice sized bar.

14. While your at it, make a matching button. Open a new image, standard, 160 x 120. On shape, this time choose, ellipse. Drag your curser to make an ellipse shape. On the border tab, drag it back to about 4.

15. Go to web, (menu bar), click on button designer, any shape. Click on pressed. Drag the bevel tab back to 6 and the bevel smoothness, 3. Click ok. All you'll have to do is write text on your button, save it as a ufo. Saving the button with text as a ufo has many benefits. When you open this button later, you will always remember what font you used, and color.
Duplicate the button from edit, close the ufo. Right click over the text to edit it and change the button to different ones, saving after each change.

Have fun creating....


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