Making Animations In PI 6

This is a simple sample of an animation in PI. I hope it will encourage you to explore this feature.

You can make your own balloon or use this balloon ufo.
Just click on it to download. It will have to be made smaller.

Open the balloon in PI, right click to combine as a single object, resize
with transform tool. Open a new image size 70 x 310. Place your balloon on
the new image, at the bottom. Right click over it and duplicate it 3 times.
You will have 4 balloons.
Place the balloons like I have in the example. The reason for this is that your
animation will have the same size and won't jump when animated.

Activate the top balloon, right click and choose properties.

On the transparency tab, slide to 99. The balloon will disappear.

Do this to the 3 top balloons, till only the bottom one shows.

In easy palette, go to layer manager. Click on each balloon while
holding the control key on your computer, down. This will activate
all layers.

Right click over the easy palette layer manager, and click on
merge as single object

Go to web, image optimizer to save as gif.

When the box opens, choose selected objects.

Click on the gif then gif options. Check dither and transparency.

Click on mask options. Click on small arrow next to matte, click on none.

Click on save as, name your gif.

Go to edit, undo. Undo combine objects.

Click on the second transparent balloon to activate. Right click,
choose properties. Slide the 99 back to 0 so the balloon appears.
Click on the first balloon, right click, properties, transparency 99.
Now just the second balloon is visable.

Go through the same steps. Layer manager to combine all the objects.
Save and name this second gif, like balloon1, balloon2 and so on.
Then go to undo and start on the third balloon, till you have saved
4 gifs with a single balloon showing on each

On the upper right hand corner click on switch, gif animator.
When it opens, click on animation wizard. The next box opens,
click on add image. Do this till your 4 images are listed.
Then click next on all the rest. Your gif will now open.
You can click on preview and to stop, go to view, stop preview.

Whew, almost finished. Click on the first image in the box.
Check transparent Index and click on the white filled box next to it.
Click on the small arrow next to the tab, Web Browser Decides.
From the list, choose to background color. Right next to it,
click on the Global Attribute Change.

When the Global Attributes opens, make sure all these are
checked. Non-Interlaced, How to Remove, Remove Transparency
and All Images. Click ok.

We have to slow the balloons down, click on the first balloon, then on
the delay tab, push it up to 60 on each image but the last one.
Push that to 100. You can preview again to check the speed.

Now go to file, optimization wizard.

Click next on all boxes till you get to the save as box.
Click on save as and name your gif. Your animation is now finished.
You can use this technique for many things. Have fun.


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