This tutorial can be done in PI6 or 7. You will need the UFO petal and Leaf. I have them in zipped format, just click on the images to download. They are shown a quarter of their size. Settings may vary depending on the pressure you use. So don't be afraid to experiment with them. This is your creation.

1. Open a new image, 450 W X 450 H. Open your unzipped flower parts. Duplicate them and close the originals. Have the petal open to 100%. Click on it to activate. Pick up the Paint Brush/Bristle. On the attributes bar, Preset/ Grass. Size about 35, transparency about 90, color a paler shade from the main color of the petal. On the brush panel use the settings below.

2. On the left you see my finished petal. Vary your strokes and colors always going lighter with the colors. On the very bottom tip I did a bunch of bright strokes. This is the highlight for the center of your flower.

3. Once your petal is finished, copy it and paste it into the blank, new image. Place towards the top center. Right click and duplicate it. Using the Transform tool, Rotate Freely. Swing the petal downward and place near the first petal to overlap slightly. Duplicate this petal and transform the position of this petal. Do this till you have 5 petals and look at the very center, it should have a shape of a star.

4. Once you positioned all the petals, use the Pick Tool and starting with the first petal you placed, click on it and send it to the top of the pile, click on the next petal and do the same. When you get to the fifth petal, leave it where it is. Back to the first petal, using the Paintbrush, a slightly darker shade than the original petal, size about 20, transparency 95. Using the petal on top as a guide, paint just beneath the edge to add a bit of a shadow. Proceed around the flower like this, activate a petal and paint under the next petal.

5. Click on the background to deactivate your flower. Pick up the Path Tool. On attributes bar, Shape/Oval, Color/Golden yellow, 2-D. Draw a 2-D ellipse in the center of the flower. Go to Objects and convert it to an Image Object. In the Easy Palette/Effect, click on Noise. Double click on Noise2. Go to Effect on top Menu. Ripple and use the settings I have below.
Right click and choose Properties. On the Properties box at the bottom, move the Soft Edge up to 10. Click ok. Right click again and add an all around shadow.

6. Hit the space bar to deactiveate the image. We'll use the Paint Brush/Chalk, Preset/Gritty, Color Greenish yellow, Size about 20, to paint the center. Click on Mode and on the Brush panel/Color Tab, click on Multiple. Paint some small round shapes the change the color to a bright yellow and smaller brush size and paint some hightlights. Click off Mode. Right click and Select all Objects. Right click again and Group. Drag this flower into your Easy Palette.

7. Let's start on the leaf. Activate the duplicate leaf UFO. First paint some faint veins on the leaf. Using the paintbrush, size 1, color dark olive green. Then using the Paintbrush/Bristle, Color/Light Olive, Size, 20, Transparency about 90. On the Brush Panel, click on Color Tab/Multple. Using the settings on the image above, paint in the direction of the leaf points, do both sides. Set the color lighter and paint some faint highlights.
Finanlly using a very dark Olive green, paint around the edges of leaf as shown.

8. Duplicate your leaf and add it to the flower picture. Duplicate it 2 more times to have 3 leaves. Use the Pick tool to send them to the bottom and the Transform tool to resize and rotate. Place your leaves in a pleasing manor.
Your flower is basically finished. Right click and select all objects, right click and group. Drag this flower into your Easy Palette. Now right click and merge as a single object.
Add backgrounds, use effects on it and Magic Lights give wonderful effects also. Go to Effect/Emphasize Edges. In options use the lowest setting. It has a startling effect, see below.

Below are some other examples of what you can do with your flower.
I hope you had fun and let's see those creations.


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