Create a Bluebird Scene
By Dawn Reber

This tutorial can be done in PI6 or 7. The kit, with all the parts, is provided. You can download my Bluebird-Kit, in UFO Zip, to make your own pretty scene.
I used Grass4.jpg from the texture folder in Photo Impact for the background fill. If you don't have that texture, you can download it and put it into your texture folder in PI. You also might want some wood presets. You can get them from Rosie Hardman here.
Just add the SMP file to the Ulead.Dat folder and the JPG's into the Material folder. Then import them into your Easy Palette. Now that you have everything you need, let's begin.
Just click on the image to download.

1. Start by opening a new image, 600 W X 660 H, minimize it. Open your unzipped Bluebird Kit UFO. Duplicate it and close the original. Working with the duplicate, all the parts are still Path Images except for the leaf and upright slat.

2. Starting with the head and using the Path tool, click on it to activate. Change the color to one of your choosing. It can be any color you'd like. Now click on the body, to get the exact color as the head, right click over the color box on the attributes bar, click on Eyedropper. Using the eyedropper click on the head so the body will be the same color. Using the Pick tool, hold the Control button down and click on both the head and body, right click and Merge as a Single Object. Next click on the wing, using the Path Tool, and change the color to a lighter shade. Change the wing feathers to a dark shade, the neck band into a very pale shade and the beak, a yellow. With the Path tool, Shape, Ellipse, color black, make an eye.

3. The tail feather is in 2 parts, make your color choices, now before we duplicate the tail feathers, let's POE ( Paint On Edges ) on all the parts. Click on the Paintbrush, Size 1. Color Black. Using the Selection or Pick tool, click on each object, then the Shift key on your computer and the P, walla, paint on edges. Do that to all the objects except the eye. When done, click on the 2 tail parts and right click and Merge as a single object. Duplicate it 2 times till you have 3 feathers. Using the Transform tool, Rotate Freely, angle the three feathers, the 2 outer ones slightly lower than the middle one.

4. Let's add a little character to the bird by burning the edges. Using the Retouch Tools, Burn, ( right next to the Brushes ) We'll lightly go around the edges of all our parts. Click on the Presets, on Attributes Bar, Edge Burn, Size 20, Level 30 or less, soft edge, 50 or more. Then using the Blur tool, in the Retouch Tools, we'll slightly blur the rough edges but being careful not to blur the paint on edge effect. Use the settings below.

5. To add a slight texture to the body of the bird, using the Pick Tool, click on the body. Go to Effect/ Creative/ Painting. Use these settings. Using the Layer Manager, click on all the bird parts, don't forget the eye, right click and group. You can drag the bird into your easy palette.

6. Using the same technique for the flower, click on each petal and choose a color for the petals, then the center. Then POE all the flower parts and burn edges. Use the Layer Manger to group the flower parts. Burn the edges of the leaf also.

7. As you will notice, the slat for the gate is an object I made so it is an image object and presets won't work on it. It will have to be filled. The bottom and top slats can have presets applied. If you installed Michael's Wood preset, use one of his horizontal wood presets. It will make the slat 3-D, just change that to 2-D on the Attributes bar. Since installing the presets, all the wood JPG's are in your Material Folder so now, click on the upright slat, go to Edit/ Fill. Click on the Image Tab, File. Click on the sqare with the dots, find the Ulead Material folder. Look for one of the vertical wood fills.
If you'll notice there are 2 bottom slats. The one in the back is dark and needed to add depth to the bottom board.

8. I only have one nail on the upright. Make it black, then use the Path tool to make a brown, 2-D, smaller circle to fit inside it. Using the burn tool, with the same settings, slightly burn around the upright slat. Make the size very small and burn some cracks in the wood. Turn the 2 wood filled horizontal slats into image objects. Go to Objects/ Convert Object Type/ From Path to Image. Burn the edges on these and also make some cracks. Using the layer Manager, Click on the upright slat, the nail and it's darker part, right click and Merge as a single Object. Duplicate it 3 times to have a total of 4 slats. Right click and Align/ Bottom, then right click again and Align/ Space Evenly/ Horizontal. Holding the control key down, click on all the fence parts, right click and group.

9. Open up that blank new image and fill it with a sky blue color. Use the Path Tool, Shape/ Spline, Color, grass green, 2-D. Just pick around the bottom to the middle of the blank image. If you click outside the image it won't matter, double click to close. You can use the transform tool to resize the shape if you need to. Convert it to an Image Object as before. Click on Edit/ Fill and use these settings. Click on More and find Grass4.jpg.

10. Click on the Sky blue background to deactivate any objects. Using the Paintbrush, Oil, we will paint some clouds. On the Attributes bar, Presets, click on Dry Stroke, size around 35, color white and transparency, 45 or more. Use my settings below for Brush Panel settings. Dab a few strokes to make puffy clouds.

11. Using the Path Tool, Shape, Ellipse, Color, Golden Yellow, 2-D, draw a sun and place in the upper right hand corner. While it is active, open your Easy Palette/ Effects/ Magic. Double click on L11.

11. Deactivate all objects by clicking on the background. In the Easy Palette/ Lighting, Lightbulb, right click over Light Bulb 3 and click on Modify Properties. Using my settings, click on Preview to check how the rays look with your sun. If they look good, click OK.

12. First drag your grouped fence into the scene, then the bird, placing on top of the fence. Then the flower, if you haven't duplicated the flower, make a total of 3. Drag the leaf and duplicate and use the Transform tool to resize and rotate your leaves. Using the Pick tool, send the leaves behind the flowers. Click on your grouped objects, right click and merge as a single object. Right click and add an all around shadow. When you have your scene to your liking, right click and Merge All. Go to Effect/ Creative/ Painting. Using my settings to add texture to your image. Click on the Add button, this will open the Save Option. It will be placed in My Gallery, in your Easy Palette. Then when ever you need to add texture to images, open the Easy Palette/ My Gallery and just double click on the texture.

Sign your image and display your beautiful scene. Below is an another example of a different colored bird and a few adjustments. I hope you enjoyed making your scene.

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