This tutorial can be done in PI6 or 7.
Collages can be pretty impressive if done correctly. They allow you to display many images but blend together to create one image. You will need several images to create a collage. You can use mine, just right click over them to save as to your hard drive. They are shown much smaller than they are. Let's begin.

1. Open a new image, 800 W X 600 H. Fill with black color. Have your train images open. Right click over one of your images and copy. Click on the black filled new image, right click and paste. Do this to all your train images, pasting into the black filled new image. Resize with tranform tool and rotate and flip any if you'd like a different position. Don't worry about them overlapping.

2. Click on one of the trains to activate. Open Easy Palette/ Frame Gallery/ Edge. Just double click on one of the edges to transform your train image's edges. Do that to all the train images, varying the different edges for effects. Your image looks pretty good but there is more we can do to it. Save it as a UFO, go to Edit and Duplicate it.

3. Working with the duplicate, right click and Merge All. Resize your image. I made mine 400 X 300. Go to Effect/ Creative/ Painting. Use these settings to add a canvas look to your image. You can apply different Tasks to it also. John Fletter has a whole page of them. You can get them HERE. Below is one I did using layers and different merge methods.

This was just a simple method of making collages, they can become quite complex. Below are some other examples of collages I did. You're only limited by your imagination.
Have fun and experiment using masks also for your images.

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