Making Picture Frames In PI 6

For this tutorial you will need an image and a background. You may use mine.

1. Open the image you want to frame in PI and the background.
This is a picture of the dam on our property. The size is 300 x 225.
2. Go to edit, (top task bar)and click on expand canvass.
3.When the box opens, click on expand sides equally.
Scroll one of the tabs to 100. Click ok.

4.Click on the standard selection tool. On the expanded picture, get the arrow
at the top left corner. Looking at the very bottom task bar in PI, you can see
when you have it at 100 x100.
Drag it to the lower right corner of the picture, to encircle the whole picture.
When you have it at the dimensions of the picture,(checking the bottom task bar)
click. Now right click and choose invert.

5.Touch on the top of the background to activate. Go to edit, then copy.

6. Now touch on the top bar of the picture to activate. Go to edit, fill.

7. When the box opens, click on the tab, image. Then click on clipboard and
tile the image. Click ok.

8. Right click and choose, convert to object. Right click again, choose shadow.
Use these settings. Click in the center to deactivate.

9.Go to the path outline drawing tool.

10. On the attributes bar(the one above pi's workspace) and click on shape.
Choose rectangle,color dosen't matter, 3-d custom, width 3, style, solid line,
border3, depth 30.
11. Place your cursor at the edge of the left side top of picture and drag
the rectangle to the bottom right edge of picture, so the active lines are around
the whole picture but inside the filled background. Then release.
Go to easy palette, material, metallic and double click on Copper6.

12.Right click over the active gold frame and click on shadow.
Use the same settings as above. Click on the center of the picture to deactivate.

13.Still on the outline path tool, leave everything the same on the attributes bar
except width. Click on it and click on more. When the box opens, just change
the number to 15. Click ok.

14. Now in the upper most left corner, bring your cursor down the background
till the bottom task bar reads (15,15). Drag the rectangle down to opposite bottom,
to with-in the 15 mark on side and bottom and release.

15.If it don't look right, go to edit, and undo it and try again.
16.It will have the shadow already added. Click in the center. And admire
your pretty picture. Now it is huge, right click over it and merge all.
Then go to format, dimensions. On the box click, keep aspect ratio.
Then on the tabs, scroll the lower one to bring the size down to a nice size.
I chose 350 x 298. Click ok.

17. When making images smaller you need to bring them back into focus.
Go to format, focus. Click on the third box from the left on the top, then ok.

Now all you have to do is save your pretty picture or we can gussy it up a bit more.
18.I used this object to decorate the corners. Just click on the picture to download.

Once it's on the picture, right click over it and duplicate.
On the duplicate, go to edit, rotate and flip. Flip horizontally.
Then go back and flip vertically and place in the other corner.

All these elements can be changed before merging your picture. Frames can be
made any color from the easy palette and of course your background and image also.
It's an easy way to dress up your pictures.

19. Here's another example.

Have fun creating....


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