Make A Beating Heart
With PI6 and Eyecandy

You can pick up a free version of Eye Candy HERE.

Open a new image, 200 x 200. Click on the path tool. On the attributes bar, make it 2-d, color red. Then click on shape, custom. When the box opens, find the heart.

Drag your cursor down your new image to draw your heart.

Click on the text tool and add your greeting.

Go to object,(on menu bar) and click on select all objects.

Right click over your image and merge as single object.

Go to web, (menu bar) and image optimizer. When the box opens, click on gif, check transparency under GIF Options tab.

Click on Mask Options Tab. On the small arrow next to matte, choose none. Click on save as, name your heart and save.

While your heart is still active, go to effects, click on Eye Candy. Choose water drops. Use these settings. Click on the arrow. Save this puffed heart the same as the 2-d heart above, but give another name. For instance, name the 2-d heart as, heart1.gif and this puffed heart as, heart2.gif.

On the upper right hand corner of PI, click on switch. Select GIF Animator. When it opens, select Animation Wizard. Click on the add image button, find your first image, click ok. Click on add image again and find your second image. Click next on all the rest. Once opened, you can click on preview to see your beating heart. Go to view to stop.

If your happy with the results, go to file, Optimization Wizard. Click next on all. Last one, click on save as. Name your new animated heart. That's it.

Here's a variation of the same heart, only using Magic Frame edge, after text was added and merged as single object. Pretty nifty, right?

Have fun creating....

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