Painting A Lily

This tutorial can be done in PI8 or 7. You will need the UFO Lily and Leaf. I have them in zipped format, just click on the names to download.

UFO Lily Parts    UFO Lily Leaf

1. Open your unzipped lily parts UFO. Duplicate it and close the original. Make sure the lily is open to 100%. Using the pick tool, click on a petal to activate it. Pick up the Paint Brush/Airbrush. On the attributes bar, Size 35, Color, #FDF5F4, lightly spray each petal as shown.

2. On each petal, towards the center lightly Airbrush with a gold color, #D7C281. Click back to the paint brush, size 1, Color #9156A, while a petal is activated, click on Shift/ P to paint on the edges. Do that to each petal.

3. Using a deep rose color, #C4586A, the Paint/ Airbrush, Size 35, Transparency/ 50, spray around each petal to add highlights as shown. In the retouch tools, select the Sharpen tool. Size 60, Level, 1. Now lightly go over each petal to add veining. In Retouch Tools again, this time select the Bristle Smear, Size 20, Level about 65. Gently smear each petal.

4. If you're like me and can't draw a straight line, PI makes our job easy. Hit the Enter key to deactivate all petals. Using the Line and Arrow Path tool, Spline, Size 1, color #91565A, make 3 lines going down length wise on each petal. Use the layer Manager and select 3 lines and the petal for them and right click and Merge as a Single Object. Do that until you have all the petals merged with the 3 lines. Use the Bristle Brush, in the Retouch Tools, Size 15 or smaller, Level about 60 and gently blend in the 3 lines for each petal.

5. Activate a petal with the Pick tool, then using the Paintbrush, Size 3, Transparency, 40, color #743C17, paint varied size spots towards the center of the petal. Repeat on each petal until they all have spots.

6. Now for the center, using the Burn tool in Retouch Tools, Size about 20, Level about 30, slightly burn the lower part of each petal. Use the Pick tool to click on the background to deactivate everything or hit the Enter key. Using the Line and Arrow Path Tool, Color #707156, Spline, Line 1, make about 5 curvy stamen lines of varied lengths. Deactivate, still with the Line and Arrow tool, this time color #622F1C, Line 2, make small curves for the tops. Use the Layer Manager to select all the stamens and tops, right click and merge as a single object. Use the Sharpen tool, Level 1 to slightly give some texture to the stamens. Burn the bottom of the stamens also.

7. If you used my leaf, you can skip this editing part and move on to adding the lines. For the leaves, use the Path Tool, Custom Shapes/ Shape 2, color, Moss green. Draw the Shape. On the Attributes bar, click on the Editing Symbol. Click the Plus Sign and add the extra nodes where I have them. Click back to Edit. Zooming in helps in editing nodes, at least to 200% or more. Pull the top center node out to a point. Pull the other nodes out to round out the top. Click Toggle to see what it looks like. When satisfied, click off the Editing symbol.

7b. Like we did for the petals, use the Line and Arrow tool, Spline, color darker moss green, Line size 1, make 3 lines across the petal. I also added a few lighter green for highlights. Use the Layer Manager to select all the lines and leaf, right click and Merge as a single Object. Use the Bristle Brush to blend. I also used the Warp tool.This isn't an exact science so you make the leaf to your own liking. Then I used the Burn tool, no Preset, Level 38 and burned around the edges. If you'd like to add highlights, use the Dodge tool, at a low Level, slightly add highlights. Use the transform tool to rotate the leaf and position. Right click over it and duplicate it, rotate to the other side of the flower. Duplicate again and position. Use the pick tool to send the leaves to the bottom of the stack. You should have 3 leaves.

8. The stem is made using the Line and Arrow tool, Spline, Line 6, color Moss green. Just pick a slightly curved line from the flower to the bottom. Burn the inside edge with same settings as before and highlight the top part of the stem with the Dodge tool. I also used the Sharpen tool to add texture to it. Using the pick tool send to the bottom of the stack. Using the Pick tool, arrange your petals, 3 on top, 3 underneath. Your flower is basically finished, you can add more depth by burning around the edges of each petal carefully. Then select one of the bottom petals and using the burn tool burn around where the top petal lays, creating a shadow.

You can also select all the petals, holding the Control key down and selecting, then go to Format, Style, Building, Vibrant. Watch your flower transform. Below is an example using that setting. Now was that hard, don't answer! lol You now have another flower object you made from scratch. I hope it was both fun and informing.

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