Making Muted Tiles in PhotoImpact 5 or 6...

Making muted, seamless tiles is so easy with Photo Impact. Start with this flower picture of mine and I'll show you how to get different looks from one tile.
The background on this page was made from the flower photo. I set the content in a table with a white background. So let's have some fun.
Right click over my flower picture to save as. It's shown at half it's size. Open it in PI.

With the selection tool, set at rectangle, draw a rectangle on a nice part of the flower picture. While it is active, go to Web/ Seamless Tile. Click on Preview. If it looks seamless, click ok and a new tile is created. If not, try another section of the photo. Right click and copy, go to edit Paste/ As a New Image. While the new image is active, right click over it.

Click on properties. When the dialect box opens, move the transparency tab to about 50. Click ok.

Right click again and Merge All. You can preview what the tile will look like in a browser window, go to File/Preview in Browser, as tiled background. Your muted tile is finished. I used it as the background of this page. Go to Web/ Image Optimizer and save your new tile.

If you want a more paintery look to the tile, that's easy also. The original selection should be still active on the first photo. Go to web, seamless tile again. Click ok to make another tile. This time go to Effect/ Creative/ Painting. I chose template #20. Click on the tile box. Use my settings. You can preview the results. If you like it, click ok. Then just follow the above instructions on how to mute it. The new painted image and then muted image are below.

There are many ways to achieve your goals in Photo Impact.
So explore the other tools and most of all, have fun creating....


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