Painting In PI 6 or Higher

I will assume you know where all the tools are for this tutorial. You will need the rabbit image below and the rabbit parts, ufo. This tutorial is not for the faint of heart so if you need to sit in comfy chairs or are even reading this from waiting room chairs somewhere, keep in mind that this is FUN lol
Right click over the small rabbit and save as, to your hard drive. It's quite large, 580 x 520. Also the ufo rabbit parts.
Download here, Rabbit parts

1. Open the rabbit image and rabbit parts ufo in PI, also have the brush panel open The ufo should be opened to actual view, the rabbit, we'll copy from, can be smaller. Click on the paint tool, bristle brush, on attributes bar, size 25, color-black, preset-grass.
On brush panel, click on shape tab. Brush head size, 40, and density, 50. Click on color tab, click on multible, slide the Delta Hue to 0, Delta Saturation, 10 and Delta Brightness to 50. These are not absolutes, play with the color settings to get a desired effect. Since you'll be working on the ufo, I highly advise after each step, you go to file, and save your work.

2. Look closely at your subject and note the different textures and shadings. We will paint in layers. The object is to start with a good base color and thickness and to get lighter in applications as you build the layers. If you have a wacom drawing tablet, use a light touch.

3.Starting from the black back of the rabbit ufo, click to activate it, then click on paint as object mode, on attributes. Start making your strokes as the rabbits hair on picture.

4. The next layer change on the brush panel, shape, head size, 38 and density, 70. Click on Advanced tab. On fade out button, slide to around 70, still in paint as object mode, start painting over the top of previous strokes.
5. Change the color on attributes bar from black to a medium to light grey. Check your color tab on brush panel, to make sure you have contrasts. On shape tab, head size, 10, density, 60. This will be a very fine strokes. Now paint again over previous stroke, be careful not to cover it completely. If you over paint, you can always undo. When your satisfied with the look, click off the paint mode.

6.Using the pick tool, activate the middle grey piece of ufo. Align it over the black back, click on mode. Color, white, on brush panel, shape tab, head size, 40, density, 50. Paint this middle part like the black above, building with finer strokes and less Delta Brightness. When satisfied, click off mode.

7.Using the pick tool, select the head of rabbit and place over the middle white part. Then place the eye and white strip on the face. You might have to use the arrows on attributes bar for pick tool, to push to the top of the pile.

8.Activate the black part with pick tool, click on mode and begin painting with black, using the same settings as above, On the large open ear, just paint around edge. Continue using finer settings and changing the Delta Brightness tab. Don't forget the advance tab on brush panel, fade out tab around 50 or more. Then pick a greyish peach color from Ulead color picker. Use brush head size, 25 Density, 60. Paint the inside of the ear. Click off mode.

9.Activate the white strip, click on mode.Using the color white, start painting the white strip with settings from above. Build your layers to the finest settings, last. For the nose, pick a dark pink color, using the paint brush, size 2, paint a Y.

10. Pick up the bristle brush, (still on mode) choose a lighter pink color, transparency set at 70. Lightly use tapping motions over the nose area, we don't want a stark pink here. Change color to almost white setting, and add a few taps of white over the pink. When satisfied, click off mode.

11.Now for the part that will bring your piece to life, the eye.

Using the pick tool, activate the eye. Click on mode. Using the paint brush, size 2, color medium grey, paint a thin line around the outside of eye.

Pick up the smudge tool. Size 3, level around 35. Gently smudge the light grey line to blend. Using the burn tool, size 10, level 25 soft edge 50, lightly burn just inside the thin grey line.

Pick up the paint brush, size 5, color black, transparency, 70, paint the large oval pupil in the center of eye.

Here we will put the magic on the eye to make it appear round. Using the paintbrush, square tip, size 12, color white, transparency 60, no preset, soft edge, 70. Paint two diagonal stokes across the upper right of the eye.

Change the brush settings to,size 32, transparency 90, soft edge 60, still square, lightly paint a vertical strip just under of the diagonal strips, towards the middle of eye.

Change brush size to 25,with transparency set at 97, soft edge 70, paint very faintly over the bottom half of the eye, 2 rounded, u like lines, do the same, only opposite, on the very top of the eye and on the bottom of the left side of the eye.

Now pick a very light blue-white color, F1F8FD. Round tip, size 5, transparency 80, soft edge 80. Paint the corner of the eye.

Finally, pick up the bristle brush, size 9, level 30, preset, grass. Make tiny outward strokes around the outer edge of eye, on the first grey strip you painted. Change to the Dodge tool, size 3, level 55, soft edge 55. Lightly tap over the bristle strokes you just made. Now look and marvel at what was a flat dull eye, to what it is now, alive. Click off mode.

12. Now for the finishing touches. Activate the black back of the rabbit, Using the bristle brush, size 20, transparency 50, preset, grass, click on mode. On brush panel, shape tab, brush head size, 20, density, 70. Color tab, multiple, Delta Hue, 7 Delta Saturation, 0, Delta Brightness, 10. Advanced Tab, Fade out set to 50.
The object here to to add more color. Add strokes, following the previous stokes, but paint backwards. Paint the outter edges, working your way inward. When it's to your liking, click off mode, using the pick tool, pick the middle white section of rabbit, color white and same settings as before, painting from the outside in, using backward strokes, paint the middle. Click off mode. Activate the head with pick tool. Pick up the smudge tool, size 20, level, 30 and click on mode. Lightly smudge the inside of the ear. Pick up the bristle brush, color black and same settings as before, paint backward strokes all around the head and ear. On the inside of ear paint upward strokes at the bottom of the ear working towards the outer edge.
Click off mode, now activate the white blaze, using same bristle brush settings only color white set on mode and paint backward strokes around the blaze. For the whiskers, choose a slightly grey color, bristle brush, on panel shape tab, set brush head size to 1, density to 25. On advanced tab set fadeout to 0. Now using whispy strokes paint a few whiskers on each side of nose. Then make a few taps where whiskers start. It's time to take a critical look at your painting. See if it needs any retouching or details. If you are satisfied, save your ufo, then go to edit, duplicate. While one part is activated, right click and select all objects. Merge as single object. Drag your rabbit into easy palette to save. Now you can resize with transform tool, add a background or what ever you want to do.

Click here for a quick paint strokes, panel settings.

Have fun creating....

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