Let's put on a Mask!

In this tutorial, I'll show you just how easy it is in PI5,
to apply mask and make a unique graphic.. Let's begin..

Here's 2 files you'll need to download, to achieve this look, or
you can use 2 of your own. A background tile,
which I made from PI's background designer and a graphic..

Have the 2 images open in PI..
Click on top of graphic to make
it active, then go to easy palette,
mask click on all!

Double click on circle01.The mask
shows up on your graphic like so.
Pick up the transform tool to resize.

Grab the side points of the transform
around the image and drag outward.
Grab the middle points of the top and
drag towards the middle, till
you have a nicely shaped mask.
Right click over the center of image,
in the box that opens, click invert.

Activate your background image,
go to file and scroll down to copy.
Now activate your graphic, go to edit, fill.
Another box opens, click on image,
then click clipboard. Your background
should show in the box. Click ok.

Your image should now look like this.

Right click again, and click on convert
to object. Image now has running lines..

Right click over image and click on shadow.

Use these settings. then click ok.
Right click again and merge all.

Now let's make a button.. Open a new image.
Click on your background image again
to activate. Then to edit, copy. Click on
the new image to activate, go to edit and fill.
Open easy palette, mask, and
double click on circle01 again.

Do the same steps as above,
transform resize, invert.
You won't need to fill on this graphic.

This time when you right click to add shadow,
use these settings.

Right click over image and merge all. This is your button.
Lets make a fancy bar now.
Open a new image, 500 x 50.

Click on path tool. Then click on shape icon, click rounded rectangle.

Follow same steps as above, click on background,edit, copy. Then click
on new image, edit fill. Starting on one end of image, start to drag the path tool across the image.
When you have the length and width to your liking, let go of the mouse click.

Click on the 3-d round.

Open the material gallery, all. Scroll till you find Light Blue2,
double click and the color should fill your 3-d round bar.

On easy palette, click on objects library,
then Web libray, bullets.
Double click on the anchor.

Click on the transform tool again.
Your anchor can now be resized. Right click and merge all.

This is the finished bar.If at any point you feel you have made a mistake,
go to edit, undo, and start again..

Make sure you save through image optimizer.. That's found under Web on the top bar.
All you need to do is open the blank button and add your text. After you add text,
right click, merge all. Save through image optimizer.. Go back to edit, undo and click undo text add new text and save
as before. You can use the same image to do all that in PI..Neat..Happy creating!


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