Tasks for Photo Impact 7!

The Quick Command Panel in Photo Impact, is a treasure chest of goodies, seldom used by most of PI users. There are many built in tasks already supplied to us but you can also import many tasks that others have made also.

Above, on the left is my original rose photo and on the right is the same image after the task was applied. You can make it look even more like a painting by applying texture from the Painting Effects.
Below are 2 tasks I made. Click on the zips to download. Save them in a folder you named Tasks and unzip them. You may also right click over my original rose photo, shown smaller than it is, to use for the task. Now to import Tasks into PI.
Flower Tasks Zip Create Seamless Tiles Zip

1. Open Photo Impact. Right below the Attributes bar, you'll notice a few Icons.
Hold your curser over each one to see what it is. The very last one is Quick Command Panel. Click on it. Or you can find it through View/ Toolbars and Panels/ Quick Command Panel.

2. Click on the Task tab. On the left is Task Menu Commands, click on it. When that menu opens, click on Task Manager. Notice the different commands. For now, click on Import.

3. Your hard drive opens, find your folder where you unzipped the tasks and click on it. Click OK. You now have that task in your menu. Do you see it?

Now comes the fun. Tasks just dazzle away. Some stop and asks you to do something. Read what the pop-up says then continue by clicking on the Play arrow. This is where the task wants your input. When the property box opens, you can find all the different merge methods by clicking on that small down arrow next to where it says, Always.

Here's a wonderful resource for more tasks. Most are for Photo Impact 7 except where a V6 is noted. You can find them HERE!

There is so much more you can do with tasks, this is but a tiny fraction of all you can do with it. Another Task tutorial can be found HERE.
Experiment with different types of photos and don't forget to add some texture. Have fun and show me those Tasks!


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