Making an Urn

This tutorial can be done in PI6 or 7. If you never edited shapes before, you're in for some surprizes. You can download my floral decoration, in UFO Zip, to decorate your urn.

1. Open a new image, 300-W x 400-H. Click on the Path Object tool. On attributes bar, Shape/Custom. Choose Shield 1. Color, Black, 3-D Mode. Draw your shape. Now we'll edit it.

2.On the Attributes bar, click on Editing. Notice how the shape disappeared and now there are editing points! Also on the attributes bar, see the plus and minus signs? Click on the minus sign. This will subtract points from the shape. There will be 3 points we need to get rid of. Two on the top and one on the bottom. So go ahead and click on those points that I have the arrows pointing at. Now go back to Path Tool and see the new shape.

3.Pick up the Transform tool, resize. Pull the sides in slightly. If you like it more rounded, then skip this step.

4. Back with the Path Tool/ Custom Shapes. Pick Round Edges 4. Draw this new shape, still black and 3-D. Click on the editing on Attributes Bar.

5. Just like with the first shape, click on the minus sign on attributes bar. Click on the bottom point to get rid of it. Go back to the Path Tool to see the new shape.

6. You now have the urn and the lid. If you notice, the urn dosen't have any highlights, even though it is 3-D. I painted a faint highlight, using the Air-brush, white, high transparency.
I have 2 handles pictured. I didn't know if I liked the plain black 3-D Round, or the gold, 2-D, made round with Magic Lights. I picked the gold one. Just use your Path Tool, Shape, Oval and draw a circle. If you make it a black 3-D, it already has the highlights. If you want the gold one, draw a gold, 2-D circle. In the Effect Gallery, Magic, (in the Easy Palette), double click on L11.
Add your decoration to the urn now and leave it active if you want to change the color.

7. While your decoration is active, go to effects, Two-color. Beside each of the color boxes are two small down arrows. If you click and hold your cursor, a color box opens and you can move the eyedropper around the colors. Watch how your decoration changes. Do this on both colors for a light and dark contrast. Just click on the color effect you like. Then click ok.

8. Activate the lid, right click and choose, shadow. Use these settings and a goldish shadow color. Right click and Split-Shadow.

9. Using the Layer Manger, click on the shadow. Using the transform tool, perspective, draw the 2 top points together as in the diagram.
Now use the resize transform and pull the shadow down and in on the sides. The object here is to have just a hint of color under the lid.
Do the same procedure for the handle.
Your urn is now finished. Save it as a UFO and have some fun with it.


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