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1. I just love the new Print Multiple in Photo Impact 7. Here will be another way to use it. This tutorial will not emphasize creating graphics as much as the layout. A greeting card, has 4 sides but mainly only three has images.
Open 3 new images, 3" inches wide, 4.50" inches high.


2. On one new image, create the front of your card. Here you can use the textured rose, or use some of your own Christmas objects. Use the text tool if you'd like some wording.


3. On another new image, create the inside of your card. Using the text tool add your greeting. This graphic is finished a little different. Merge all, then go to Edit, Rotate and Flip, Flip Vertically. Back to edit, this time Flip Horizontally.


4. The third new image will be the back of your card. Here you can add your signature with a small graphic.

5. You should have three images now, all the same size.


6. Click on the card, front image. Now click on the Print Multiple Button.


7. When the print styles screen opens, click on the printer icon. And select the Matte Paper - Heavyweight. Click ok.


8. Click on the down arrow to choose paper layout and select, Avery. Scroll to find
3266(L) Quarter-Fold Card.


9. Notice how the front of your card filled all the spaces. We'll fix that now. (Sorry about the flag. I forgot to shut it off when doing the screen print)


10. Click on the next button at the bottom. On this next page, click on Open it from workspace. Leave the top, right card front as is. Click on the rest of the pictures, one at a time and hit the delete key on your computer. Now you just have the front of your card. Click on the next button at the bottom again.


11. All your open graphics now show. Click on the front image in the 4 boxes. Notice the resizing tabs are now around your image. Unfortunately, we have to reposition our graphics so they print nice. Grab the center of the image and pull towards the left till you see the bottom of the resizing tabs. Now on the center left tab, with your curser, move the tabs to the red line.


12. Go to the back of the card image and grab and drop under the front of the card image. Do as before and resize it. Directly on the left side of the back of the card, drag and drop the inside verse graphic and resize.


13. One hint, the front and back images tend to be high when printed out. So I suggest using plain paper first till it's lined up properly. When all images are centered, click next on the bottom of the page. At the bottom of this page click on print. Check your alignment on the sample printout. If not to your liking, you can click on the back arrow, next to print and try to reposition again. Your card is finished now. If all samples print out right change to the heavy matte paper for cards and print as many as you'd like.
You can create any type of card right now in PI7. It's the best.



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