Make a Cute Reindeer


Click on the pictures below to download stamps.
The tutorial shouldn't require too much external training
and even though there are downloadable zip files , you will
not need a PDF to excel converter for example

heart holly bell lines lines2
1. Open a new image, 500 width, 600 high. If you have a problem making the objects, you can download the zipped parts HERE.

2. Click on the path tool. On attributes bar, under shape, custom, choose the heart. Color, #F7BC5B, or any nice brown, 2D Object.

3. Make a medium sized heart, then go to Edit, Rotate and Flip, Flip Vertically.

4. Still with the path tool, make a circle, elongated oval and narrow oval, for the ears. Using the transform tool, rotate the ear slightly, for a droopy look and perspective to narrow at one end. Then right click and duplicate, edit, rotate and flip, horizontally.

5. The parts for the head should look like this.

6. Move the circle over the bottom of the heart, the large oval over the top of the head and position the two ears on each side. Right click, select all objects. Right click and group.

7. Now make a large heart, a large, elongated oval and a smaller oval.

8. Arrage the parts for the bottom part of deer.

9. Now the legs. Click on path tool, shape, rectangle. Make a long narrow rectangle. Using the transform tool, rotate the angle slightly outward. Right click and duplicate. On the duplicate, edit, rotate and flip, horizontally.

10. For the hooves, using the Path, Bezier tool under shape on the attributes bar, color black, make a cracked hoof at the bottom of one leg. It don't have to be perfect, this is a cute figure with imperfections.

11. Position the legs under the bottom part of deer. Activate each hoof, one at a time and using the pick tool, send the image to the bottom of the stack. Position each hoof under the legs.

12. Now for the antlers. Using the path tool, shape, freehand tool. Color #8B5B1F. This might take a few tries. For PI6 users, the spline tool will work also. Free hand draw a fat antler with rounded points. This is your deer, so make them to your liking.

13. All the main parts are now made for the deer. You can save this as a ufo and go to edit, duplicate base image and objects. Close your original. Working with the duplicate now, we'll start to add some character to our little creature.

14. Click on the head group and right click, ungroup. Hit the space bar. Now picking up all the head parts, ( hold the control key down and select) except the ears and antlers, merge as single object. Click on the bottom half group and holding the control key down, select each leg( not the hooves). Right click and merge as single object.

15. Click on the paintbrush tool. On attributes bar, shape round, size 4, color black.

16. Click on one antler, click on Shift+P key to paint on edges or go to Effect, Paint on Edges. Activate each part and paint on their edges.

17. Arrange your deer like my image, using the pick tool to send ears back of the stack and antlers to the bottom of stack.

18. Now for some fun. Using the line and arrow tool, click on shape, on attributes bar. Pick the freehand. Color black, 2D, on the path panel for PI 7, outline 1. Draw a simple curved arch for his chest. Add accents for the knees and ears.

19. Using the path tool, shape, ellipse, color #8B5B1F, draw an elongated oval for a cheek. Using the transform tool to slightly tilt it sideways. Right click and duplicate, edit, rotate and flip, horizontally. Now for the nose, still using the ellipse shape but change the color to red. Make the nose and use the transform tool to slightly distort it. Using the line and arrow path tool, shape, freehand, color red, line width 2. Draw a u shape for mouth. Using the path tool, custom shape, heart, make a small heart, any color or fill. Pick up the transform tool and rotate slightly. You can either right click and duplicate this heart and then flip it horizontally or make a new one, slightly smaller for the other side. Or use my heart stamps. Still with the path tool, ellipse shape but white color, let's make his eyes. Draw an elongated ellipse and use the transform tool to make it narrow and rotate it slightly. Change the color to black and make a small pupil. Add to the bottom of the eye. Holding the control key down, click on the eye and pupil and right click and merge as single object. Right click again and duplicate, go to edit, rotate and flip, horizontally. Position this eye. Use the path, line and arrow tool, shape - line, color black, width 1. Make small expression eyebrows on each side of the eyes. Your deer should look something like this now.

20. Click on the paintbrush set to size 3, color black. Use the selection tool to click on each of the shapes on the face, convert object to image and either Shift+P or go to effects, paint on edges. Do this for all the new face shapes you just make.

21. Click on one of the cheeks, using the paintbrush, settings, size5, color black, make three whisker spots. Do the same for the other cheek. Click on the space bar and pick up the path, line and arrow tool. Setting at straight lines, color black and width 1. Make a few stitch lines around each heart.

22. Click on the retouch tools small down arrow, and choose the burn tool. Now we're going to burn the edges of each of the pieces. For the larger parts, set the size to 20, level 100, soft edge 50 and preset wide burn. Go around each of the large pieces and burn the edges. slightly blur edge with blur tool. For the smaller parts, use a smaller size 10. Don't forget the knees and chest lines and leg mark with size 4. Click on the nose and using the paintbrush, square tip, size 5, color white. Make a highlight on the tip of the nose. Using the retouch, blur tool, settings, size 20, level 5, position the tool on top of the white highlight and give just 2 or 3 clicks.

23. Using the layer manager, click on each of the head parts while holding the control key down, don't forget the stiches and eyebrows but not the ears and antlers. Right click and merge as a single object. Do the same for the bottom, but don't include the hooves.

24. Click on the stamp tool and add the holly stamp and bell stamp, if you didn't already. Using the holly stamp, add some holly around his neck and add a few bells (resize and rotate pieces).

25. To give him a little more life you can opt for a hairy body. I made stamps for it. Add the linesv2 and lines-v ufo stamps. Click on the head, then open the linesv2 stamp, scale-80, spacing - 100, order - sequential, placement - trail, object - single. Under effects, click on paint on edges. After it's finished, use the pick tool to move away from the head. Use the object eraser and erase the right half of the hair. Hit the space bar to deactivate. Click on the head again but use the lines-v stamp with the same settings and click on paint on edges under effects again. Use the pick tool to move away from the head and this time erase the left side. Place the 2 hair objects over the head and line up. Do the same thing for the bottom half of the deer except erase all of the top hairs so they don't show through the holly.

26. Use the linesv2 for the left ear and lines-v for the right ear. Use the layer manager to find the chest line and POE with the linesv2. Erase any unwanted hair. Horray, your cute deer is finally finished. Select all objects and merge as single object. Drag it into your easy palette. Resize your deer and just have fun with it. The simple shapes from your original ufo can be changed into a lot of cute critters. Just by changing the colors, ears and hooves to paws. Of course don't use the antlers. lol

Here are a couple examples of how easy it is to change the character.

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