Creating an Owl

This tutorial can be done in PI6 or 7. The tutorial should be pretty simple so no need for any online degree programs to get through it. I made you the owl kit with all the parts, you'll just have to apply the effects to them and of course put them together. You can download my Owl-Kit, in UFO Zip, to make your own owl. Just click on the Owl Parts image to download.

1. Start by opening a new image, 400 W X 350 H. Open your unzipped Owl-parts UFO. Duplicate it and close the original. Working with the duplicate, click on the body to activate, right click and duplicate. Drag the duplicate off into your new, blank image. Go to Effect/ Creative/ Painting. Use these settings to create a texture for the owl's body.

2. Duplicate the pizza shape, eye part and drag into new image and place near the top and to the left of the owl's body. Do the same for the split circle, placing it over top of the pizza shape. Right click over the split circle and add an all around shadow, using the settings above.
While it is active, holding down the Control key, click on the pizza shape. Right click and merge as a single object. Go to Effect, Pinch, choose options and slide the dial all the way to 100, click ok.

3. Duplicate the white, round eye part and place over the hole on the pinched eye. Use the transform tool at any time to resize parts as needed. You can Paint on Edges, Black Paintbrush, size 1. Right click and add an all around shadow. Place the black pupil over the white and the orange Iris into the black. Duplicate the half closed eyelid and place that over the top part of the center eye.
Open Easy Palette, while the eyelid is active, go to Effect Gallery/Magic. Double click on L06. See that eyelid pop? Now right click and add a shadow with the settings below.

4. Open the Layer Manager, While holding the Control key down, click on all the eye parts, right click and group. Right click again and duplicate, then flip Horizontal. ( Under Edit ) Place the duplicate eye to the right.

5. While this duplicate eye is active, right click and ungroup. The eyelid shadow will have to be corrected to the other side. Click somewhere on the background to deselect all objects. Just click on the right eyelid, right click, shadow. Just change the direction of the shadow, from the first box to the second box.
Add a duplicate nose now, placing as I have it in the top picture.

6. Place the duplicate belly towards the bottom of the owl. Open Easy Palette/ Painting Gallery. Double click on Mosaic, then double click on Splatter. Right click and choose Properties. At the bottom of the Property box, Soft Edge, click the dial up to 10, click ok.

7. Add a duplicate spot to the belly. You can add an all around shadow if you'd like. In the Easy Palette/ Painting Gallery. Double click on Gauze, now duplicate the spot for how many spots you want on the tummy.

8. Add a duplicate wing to the right and somewhere in the center, but off to the side. Add an all around shadow. In the Easy Palette/ Painting Gallery, double click on Sponge 2, then double click on Parched. Right click and duplicate this wing. Then go to Edit and Flip Horizontally. Place this wing on the left side of the body.

Your owl is finished, right click and select all objects, then right click and group. Drag this little fella into your Easy Palette. Add a background and some props for him to sit on to make a cute picture. Change colors, paint settings and create another buddy for your new Owl. I hope you had fun and maybe learned a few new things also.

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