Making Seamless Tiles in PhotoImpact...

We all need seamless tiles for fills or nice backgrounds for web pages. Instead of looking for them, why not make your own. Start with this flower picture of mine and I'll show you how to get many different looks from one tile.
The background on this page was made from those purple flowers. So let's have some fun.
If you don't have the handy little texturizer filter, you can download it here.

Texturizer Zip To install filters into PI, go here.

Right click over my purple flower picture to save. Open it in PI.

With the selection tool, set at rectangle, draw a rectangle on a nice part of the purple flower picture.

Go to web, seamless tile and click. When the box opens, click on preview. Hit the Escape button on your computer to return to PI. If you like how it looks, click ok. If there are lines, push the dials, a few degrees and preview again. Once the lines are gone, click ok. Now you have a brand new seamless tile. Close the purple flower picture.

Go to effect,(top, menu-bar) creative-painting. When the box opens, click on try. Your image will be in all the preview boxes now. I chose #30, check tile. Fineness-377, Opacity-164, Density-541, Angle-0, Variation-475. Click on apply and see your changes. Click ok.

This is how your tile will look. Save this tile then go to Edit, and duplicate your new tile.

Now we'll work on the duplicate. Go to format, ( top Menu Bar)click on Hue and Saturation. On this box, slide the Hue dial to see color changes. I chose 155 and saturation, -23, click ok.

This is your new tile. Save this new tile, then
go to edit and duplicate it.

Working on the new duplicate, go to format, style. Scroll on the small arrows to Light, click on Bulb. Click ok.
This is your new tile. Save this new tile, then go to edit and duplicate it.

Working with the gold duplicate go to effect, ( top Menu Bar) find the texture filter, click on texturizer. On the texture tab, small arrow, click on sandstone. Scaling 100, Relief, 6, Light Direction, top left. Click ok.
Now go to format, dimension and make your new image 50% smaller. This is your new tile. Save this new tile.

Using the texturizer plug in again, I turned the green tile into this.

Here are some examples, all done from the original flower picture, all seamless too.

I didn't even scratch the surface of all your options in PI.
So explore your other tools and most of all, have fun creating....


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